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Monday, June 05, 2006

Shaklee vs. Warts

Warts gone. Shaklee to the rescue!

Hi Shaklee Family,

Many in my group are asking for these photos (talk about 1,000 words) and story so I thought I'd share with all.

Before Shaklee After 6 weeks using Shaklee
[If your e-mail program cannot view the above photos, I have included them as an attachment.]
And here is their story:
This 2 1/2 yr old has had warts for two years and then the warts started spreading to his face. Warts were growing on top of warts. They had tried everything including freezing and over the counter products.

They started using Shaklee products in 2005 but were using the products hit and miss and weren't consistent. They also tried using Shaklee with other products from the health food store. This went on for a year until I approached the family with a challenge: Use Shaklee products ONLY for one month and if you don't see any results your money will be refunded in full. They agreed to this and that I could use their story and pictures.
Because of finances, I kept the products to a minimum.

These are the products:

Citriboost 1/2 scoop

Energizing Soy Protein 2x/day

Optiflora Probiotic 1

NutriFeron 2/day

straight Basic H applied to warts at night

After 6 weeks, ALL the warts (about 30 of them) were COMPLETELY gone. This couple now has a group that is growing fast because of these results, and they received their first bonus check last month!


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